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EnhancedSerialConnectionFindSerialConnection Method

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Finds a serial connection to a device supporting the Firmata protocol.

Namespace:  Solid.Arduino
Assembly:  Solid.Arduino (in Solid.Arduino.dll) Version: (
public static ISerialConnection FindSerialConnection()

Return Value

Type: ISerialConnection
A ISerialConnection instance or null if no connection is found

This method searches all available serial ports until it finds a working serial connection. For every available serial port an attempt is made to open a connection at a range of common baudrates. The connection is tested by issueing an GetFirmware command. (I.e. a Firmata SysEx Firmware query (0xF0 0x79 0xF7).)

The connected device is expected to respond by sending the version number of the supported protocol. When a major version of 2 or higher is received, the connection is regarded to be valid.

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